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Suffering from skin, face & hair problems and looking for helpful beauty tips? Browse our articles and find useful beauty care tips, ideas and information for face, skin care and hair care.

Ingrown Hairs – Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Ingrown Hairs Treatment
An ingrown hair is a hair that grows into the skin instead of outward. It occurs when the sharp tip of the hair after shaving, tweezing or waxing, curls back into the skin of the hair follicles. It is a common benign condition. Ingrown hairs often become itchy, painful red bumps similar to pimples. They...

Best Supplements for Healthy Skin

Supplements for healthy skin
The supplement industry deals in billions and is humongous. For every problem out there, there is a supplement that helps control or prevent your healthy skin. Some of them are backed by science and some are just bogus. With the surge in skincare as self-care, many have been looking for supplements that can give a...

Anti Aging Skin Care Tips for Glowing Skin

Our skin ages due to various reasons and our own age is not always the cause behind it. This is why skin needs its own skin care routine and protective practices. But protecting your skin from aging is not just keeping it looking young. It is also maintaining skin health. This means it is...

Top 6 Healthy Fruits That Will Glow Your Skin

Who doesn't like healthy skin? But a glowing healthy skin requires healthy diets. Fruit is a great source of nutrition & vitamin that your body needs. The secret behind glowing skin is a healthy diet. Your skin boosts from the inside if you eat the right foods or healthy fruits. When you eat healthily it...

7 Steps to Longer and Healthier Hair

Longer and Healthier Hair
Are you admiring other people's long and healthy hair? And have you been asking yourself how to keep such long and healthy hair? If so, there are certain steps you can follow to make your hair grow longer and healthier. Most importantly, you should take good care of your hair for it to grow...

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