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Brittany O’Connor is not just any artist; she is a woman who has overcome tremendous odds to become an internationally recognized classical and commercial artist. She is a true inspiration to anyone who has ever been told that their dreams are impossible to achieve.

Brittany started her ballet training relatively late in life but worked tirelessly to become a professional dancer. Due to her determination and perseverance, she soon received a professional contract with one of the largest ballet companies in the country after just four years of training. After some time, she found herself signing another big contract with one of the largest companies in Europe, SemperOper Ballet.

Brittany O'Connor

Her successful transition to the commercial world helped her build her personal brand, and in a short span of time, she gained 11k followers on her Instagram, where she continues to inspire people. Being a sought-after dancer, she appeared in various television shows and films. She was a soloist and featured dancer for PBS with Grammy award-winning Flamenco Guitarist Benise and as a guest artist, principal dancer, and choreographer for Andrea Bocelli’s world tour.

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Furthermore, Brittany O’Connor is also a master judge and coach for the largest internationally acclaimed ballet competition, Youth America Grand Prix. She created a mentoring program for aspiring dancers called ‘Brittany Magic’ that helps students gain confidence, trust, and a better understanding of their bodies and mechanics. Her program is not only meant for people to navigate the world of dancing successfully but also guides them on how to lead a compassionate life.

Brittany’s unwavering commitment to pursuing her dreams, standing up for her beliefs, and prioritizing her well-being has paved the way for her remarkable success. However, she had her fair share of obstacles, from being a hypochondriac to facing naysayers who tried to shatter her dreams of dancing.

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A powerful mentor, Brittany’s message is to fight for oneself and one’s life. Her life and “business” have unfolded because of her experiences, and she wants to inspire others to follow their dreams and fight for themselves. She wants people to believe in themselves and make changes if they are unhappy or feel like something in their health is wrong.

Brittany’s story is a testament to the power of hard work and resolution. She has traveled to over 70 countries, turned her health around despite doctors telling her she was incurable, and become an internationally recognized classical and commercial artist. Brittany’s journey from ballet prodigy to commercial star is surely an inspiration to anyone who aspires to follow their dreams and fight for their beliefs.

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