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The oxidation process carried out in the human body destroys various structures such as cell membranes, lipids, proteins, and DNA. When the body metabolizes oxygen, free radicals are produced. These free radicals are unstable molecules that feed on other stable molecules, which causes harm to DNA and other body cells.

However, the human body is designed to handle some of the free radicals. In fact, a few free radicals are important for the proper functioning of our body. Oxidation starts impacting the health only when an excessive amount of free radicals starts generating. This overloading of oxidation can cause irreversible damage such as heart diseases, cancers, and liver diseases. Antioxidants and antioxidant pills are substances which reduce the damage caused by free radicals. 

Processes Causing Oxidative Stress:

The cell damage caused by free radicals is often referred to as oxidative stress. This oxidative stress is a result of multiple body functions. Some of these functions are:

  • Excessive Exercise
  • Mitochondrial Activity
  • Ischemia
  • Tissue Trauma
  • Processed Food and Trans Fat
  • Smoking
  • Radiation
  • Pollution
  • Chemotherapy

Impact of Free Radicals:

When our body suffers from the above conditions, free radicals are generated. These free radicals can lead to an array of malfunctioning in the body. Some of the common impacts of oxidative stress are given below:

  • Damage to eye lens, which can even cause blindness.
  • Joint inflammation or arthritis.
  • Brain cell damage which can cause Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Accelerated aging.
  • Enhanced risk of LDL cholesterol and heart diseases.
  • Increase in levels of enzymes which form free radicals.
  • Disruption in transport chains of electrons. 

What Are Antioxidants Pills?

Benefit of Antioxidants Pills

Antioxidant pills are known to reduce the impact of free radicals discussed above. Antioxidants can be taken as a pill or through foods to reduce the damage caused by free radicals. This is because antioxidants contain nutrient antioxidant elements like zinc, Vitamin C, A, E, selenium, and copper. All these elements help in neutralizing free radicals. 

This is the reason why antioxidant pills can effectively reduce the chances of major diseases such as heart problems and brain cell damage.

Some of the antioxidant substances are believed to be extremely useful in scavenging free radicals and improving the health of the individuals. For instance, many experts exclaim that men who consume antioxidants regularly are less likely to develop prostate cancer.

A study deeply explains free radicals and oxidative stress related to it. At the end of the study, the authors explain how antioxidants can act as a type of hydrogen donor, radical scavenger, peroxide donor, singlet oxygen quencher, peroxide decomposer, synergist, metal-chelating agent, and enzyme inhibitor. All these properties help in creating a defense mechanism against oxidative stress.

Another research was conducted to judge the impact of antioxidants on age-related macular degeneration. The results revealed that the antioxidant supplement containing Vitamin E, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, and zinc helped in reducing macular degeneration in individuals by 25%. All these individuals had already reached an intermediate stage of this health issue. 

Since antioxidant pills can help in reducing oxidative stress, we have discussed its benefits in detail below. Read more to understand.

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Benefits of Antioxidants Pills:

Before discussing the benefits of antioxidant pills, it is necessary to understand that every type of antioxidant is beneficial for different functions. Since the radicals produced differently impact the body, antioxidants also impact each type of free radical differently. For instance, beta-carotene can help our eyes and flavonoids are good for the heart.

#1 – Healthy Immune System:

Singlet oxygen, a type of free radical is particularly damaging for the immune system of the body because singlet oxygen can catalyze free radical products. Both Spirulina and Astaxanthin can help in enhancing the functioning of the immune system. It can also protect cellular DNA and cell membranes from mutation. In fact, Astaxanthin is the only quencher which is 10 times more powerful than remaining carotenoids and 500 times more powerful than alpha-tocopherol. Spirulina, on the other hand, contains multiple antioxidants which help in boosting the body’s immunity. 

#2 – Healthy Skin:

Soothes Dry Skin

When our skin is under the impact of UV (ultraviolet light), oxidative damage leads to the formation of multiple free radicals like singlet oxygen, peroxide radicals, and superoxide radicals. These free radicals or reactive oxygen elements damage proteins, DNA, and lipids in the body, which is the primary reason for sunburn, skin cancer, and photodermatoses. 

Astaxanthin is also helpful in protecting the skin. It is believed to be a powerful agent in suppressing free radicals that harm the skin. 

#3 – Additional Benefits:

When our body is under oxidative stress, it is hard to keep up with the daily requirements of antioxidants. Hence, externally consuming antioxidants through food or taking antioxidant pills can help in protecting against multiple diseases such as:

  • Eye problems
  • Heart diseases
  • Memory issues
  • Immune system disorders
  • Mood problems


Free radicals and oxidative stress can damage the body and lead to several diseases related to heart, liver, skin, etc. However, simply increasing the intake of antioxidants might not help. It is best to consult the doctor to intake the right antioxidant pill to reduce the chances of these diseases.