Special Coloured Contact Lenses

Changing how you look spectacularly is something you would surely want, won’t you? So what if I tell you that with colored contact lenses you can easily beautify yourself, would you believe me? That’s right, with special effect coloured contact lenses you can effectively enhance the natural colour of your eyes. Change your eye colour at will with the best coloured contact lenses. This is the new lifestyle where you can enhance your overall aura and still leave others wondering why you are looking more attractive all of a sudden. All you have to do is find the right coloured contact lenses that would suit your mood and style. 

Colored contact lenses such as the aqua coloured contact lenses are an amazing accessory to get your hands on, but if you are going to use them, then you should know how are they able to produce such amazing effects on our eyes. The coloured part on your eyes, the iris have different lines, shades and patterns and coloured contacts are made in a similar style with lots of lines and patterns. Once they are used on the eyes, the lines and designs blend in with the lines and patterns of your iris resulting in an enhanced eye colour.

Aqua Coloured Contact Lenses

Different Types of Lenses:

Many types of lenses are available to change your eye colour. Some types are discussed below:

#1 – Enhancement Tint Lenses:

Enhancement tints obviously enhance the natural colour of the eye. The lenses are translucent that allows some of the eye colour to show. With the right colour combination you can produce beautiful effects on your eyes. Just remember that these lenses are only good for light coloured eyes.  

#2 – Opaque Tint Lenses: 

Opaque coloured tints do not allow any part of your iris to show, the lenses completely cover the iris and change the colour of the eyes completely. These are usually used for dark coloured eyes. 

#3 – Theatrical Lenses:

Theatrical Lenses

Special effect contact lenses that have been a very popular accessory for Halloween and Cosplay conventions. These coloured lenses are more extreme than regular coloured lenses with special effects designs and colour themes ont them.

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Which Colored Contact Lenses Should I Choose?

That will depend on quite a few factors. Such as why you need them, are you going to wear them for Halloween or you are just looking for coloured contacts for daily lifestyle use. Secondly, once you have decided why you need them, you have to decide the right colour that would blend in perfectly with your natural eye colour and skin tone. 

As mentioned earlier some contact lenses are only good for light coloured eyes such as the enhancement tints and some can also work for dark coloured eyes such as the opaque tints. Let’s discuss which is best for you.

#Light Eyes

With light coloured eyes, you have the option of enhancing the natural colour or completely change it with opaque tints. Enhancement tints would subtly enhance your eye colour and more definition and depth to the edges of the iris. Coloured contact lenses such as the aqua colored contact lenses or light green and haze coloured lenses are best. 

#Dark Eyes

For dark coloured eyes you would definitely use opaque tints, but the colours that are more popular for dark coloured eyes are bright and vibrant. Such as the bright red coloured contact lenses or bright blue coloured lenses. Some light coloured lenses such as the hazel contacts are also wonderful for the eyes.

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Colored Contacts: Are they safe?

Colored contact lenses are perfectly safe to wear, they are just regular contact lenses with a coloured tint on them. All you have to do, when using coloured lenses, is follow the instructions and stick with the guidelines of using coloured lenses and you will be perfectly fine.

Below are listed some important rules that you must follow at all cost. 

  • Always purchase your coloured contact lenses from well respected online stores or brands. Never compromise on the quality
  • Always wash your hands before using the coloured contact lenses. Hygiene is paramount.
  • Never ever share your colored contact lenses with anyone. Never borrow also. Your lenses are just yours and no one else should wear them
  • After every use clean them properly with the disinfectant solution and store them safely in the storage case.
  • Never clean your lenses with water or any other home made solution
  • If the lenses have expired, then throw them away and buy a new pair if you want to use them again.
  • NEVER sleep without taking off your colored contact lenses. 
  • If you suffer from any sort of eye pain or irritation while using your coloured contact lenses, then take them off immediately and consult your doctor.

So just follow these iron rules of using colored contact lenses, I think they are pretty simple to follow and nothing too difficult. So enjoy your life with coloured contact lenses.